Decades of experience in the IT sector have taken us to where we are today. Perfect coordination between software and hardware ensures perfect positioning results and a stable and reliable system. In addition, the system is very easy to use, uncomplicated and time-saving! Keep it simple is our motto! With us you get software and hardware from a single source. Perfection is our passion.

All our devices are completely configured in advance. All you have to do is turn on the device and log in to our app via your browser in our software or via your smartphone, and you're ready to start tracking. If something is still unclear to you, we look forward to hearing from you. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

We locate people, vehicles and animals, in short, anything that moves in any form, even in places where others have already given w.o. Does not work, does not exist!

No matter which manufacturer of GPS devices it is, there is almost no GPS device that we have not already held in our hands, configured and tested. Each device is checked in advance before it leaves our house!

You already have a GPS device from another manufacturer and would like to use it with our software? No problem, send us a short message about the device and you will receive a configuration guide shortly.